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Revenue Cycle Management

Reimbursement Solutions For Healthcare Providers

GeeseMed, a leading Medical Billing service company provides affordable, accurate, quick, and effective Medical Billing services to healthcare facilities throughout the USA. The revenue cycle management for medical practices has become more complicated than ever. With evolving insurance, company and government policies, as well as compliance regulations and healthcare reforms, it has become difficult for physicians and their staff to keep pace. This results in incorrect or delayed filing of claims and poor reimbursements. Exceptional medical billing services can streamline your revenue cycle to procure better reimbursements, saving you precious time and effort so that you can concentrate on what you do best – patient care.

With our premium medical billing services, collection rates will dramatically increase, as well as your peace of mind. Processing costs are reduced by as much as 60%! We file both electronic claims and paper claims to over 1500 payers across the United States. We have certified medical billing experts at our disposal who focus only on billing (unlike your front office staff, who have to take care of other things in your practice), we bill accurately, dropping the rejected claims rate to 1%-2% and not 20%.

Our Complete Medical Billing, Coding System and Credentialing includes the following:

We enter the patient demographic information and verify its accuracy.

We check the benefits and eligibility of the patients before the provider renders service and records it in the Practice Management System.

Coding for diagnosis, services rendered, and appropriate modifiers is verified and set.

Charge information is entered into the system for medical billing claim generation after a thorough reconciliation from both the provider’s office and GeeseMed.

E-claims and paper claims are generated and sent out to payers via a medical billing clearinghouse. Claim receipt acknowledgements are checked and unsent claims are re-filed. Payer responses are checked and processed.

ERAs and EOBs are processed and payments are posted into the system.

Claims denied on EOBs are corrected and re-filed or appropriately appealed.

Monthly billing summaries with collections, billables, and outstanding AR’s will be provided. Client-specific reports are also submitted monthly and/or yearly. You can generate 250+ different reports and see what we do anytime.

We make sure your provider’s record is up to date with all insurance companies.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

GeeseMed provides reimbursement solutions for healthcare providers. Our revenue cycle management’s knowledge-base encompasses proven methodologies & techniques that leverage continuous process innovation & technology. You will receive 100% transparency, 24/7 reports, and all industry updates such as the ever-changing payer environments, HIPAA compliance, RAC audits etc. In short, GeeseMed is favored among physicians for assisting them with unprecedented control over their finances.

Revenue Cycle Management is a critical part of the financial viability for any health care facility. Our comprehensive medical billing services help to maximize reimbursements, decrease denials, and increase profitability for your practice. 

Our qualified RCM team files the claims to payers for payment, ensures there is sufficient documentation & appropriately coded by a professional & certified coder, corrects any denied/rejected claims (if applicable), submits the appeal, and reports and documents any claims filing occurrences and trends for continued process improvement.

A healthcare organization can exert some control over internal dynamics, such as provider productivity, patient volume and fees for services. However, it is more difficult to influence external factors, such as claim reviews by insurance companies, denials and responsible party payment collection. We understand the level of trust that is needed when partnering with an outsourcing company for your comprehensive medical billing. Our experienced and certified staff will provide an exceptional level of service, professionalism and personalized attention to earn your trust and to assist your practice in a seamless approach.

The revenue cycle includes all the administrative & clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management and collection of patient service revenue, according to the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).


It is performed before the patient enters the place of service. This allows the provider to request corrected information from the patient before the services are rendered.

We ensure not a single claim is missed. We perform reconciliations daily/weekly which is helpful for both the provider’s office and GeeseMed.

ICD as well as CPT Coding is verified as per NCCI edits and AMA CPT manual 2012. When reports are miscoded, the Provider is given feedback to improve coding and prevent audits.

We send out claims within 24 to 48 hours of the receipt of information & chart sign date. The only delay would be for code verification.

Status check is done on claims that are sent out. We do not wait for the insurance company acknowledgements for claim receipt. We go a step further and call them to check whether they received our claims or not. This is done for all claims batches sent.

It is effectively done by checking the EOBs and rectifying the claims then resubmitting as soon as possible. Top denial reasons for a particular practice are analyzed and relayed to the practice.

It is done for all aging claims on a claim to claim basis. A dedicated team of A/R callers work closely with insurance companies as well the doctor’s practice to resolve aging claims.

Dedicated Account Rep is assigned to each individual practice, regardless of size, to build a trustworthy working relationship.

All billing related activities performed by us can be reviewed by the provider and his staff in real time from any location. They can see when the claims are going out or if they are held back. They can see whether payments are duly entered and if there are denials. All monies are deposited directly in providers account.

Super bills are customized and designed in the PMS so that staff can print administrative docs like super bills, payment receipts, etc.

This facility is accessible to providers as well as staff.

Credentialing is checked on an annual basis with all major insurance companies to insure contracts of providers are up-to-date and that timely renewals are made to ensure a smooth revenue cycle.

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