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Geesemed API


GeeseMed EHR support FHIR API to access protected health information. The API makes health information broadly available using FHIR®, a set of clinical interoperability resources under the umbrella of the HL7 standards organization. FHIR is based on common web standards can be reached through a RESTful protocol in which each FHIR resource has a known URL. This document describes OAuth 2.0 for client applications to authorize, authenticate, and integrate with FHIR-based data systems.

We follow Smart-On-FHIR authentication (OAuth2) and authorization (Reference:

Production Endpoint
◾ FHIR : Will be available upon request
◾ Authentication Server: Will be available upon request

Staging Endpoint:
◾ FHIR :
◾ Authentication Server:

Download List of FHIR R4 Base URLs:

SMART on FHIR API Documentation:

This documentation is intended to help onboard developers with the SMART on FHIR API through the GeeseMed EHRAPI documentation

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