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Medical Transcription & Clinical Document Management

Improved Efficiency, Satisfaction, Revenue And Patient Care For Health Care Professionals

Clinical Documentation Management

GeeseMed understands how valuable your time is, and we also understand how time consuming clinical documentation can be in your EHR system. Your training is in healthcare, not typing or point-and-click processes. Hence, GeeseMed will assist you in saving time for what matters most – patient care.

Let us take the headache of clinical documentation off of your shoulders.The cost saving will be apparent as you’re able to care for more patients, instead of more paperwork.

GeeseMed is known nationally for providing holistic benefits, such as: Saving Time, Improved Accuracy, and promoting patient care.

Medical transcription services are one of the most challenging parts of the healthcare cycle with very few standards & potential billing challenges, GeeseMed provides control over the process from dictation to transcription to document management by meeting new HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing 99.5% accuracy and next day turn-around-time. This will save hospitals and medical practices up to 30% without any capital expenditure.

GeeseMed has over a decade of experience in offering a web-based document management platform that provides clients with all aspects of the documentation process through confidentiality contracts, encryption technology, & dedicated data lines.

GeeseMed provides online accounts for physicians & staff, in order for easy access through virtually any internet accessible computer to search, review, edit, print, fax, e-sign, so as to provide seamless medical transcription services.

These files, subsequent to sign- off, can be automatically uploaded to thehealth info systems using the latest integration options such as HL-7, or these can be manually posted by us as per your requirements.

GeeseMed is a genuine member of the consortium with Verizon Medical Data Exchange (MMDE), and in allowing you can connect with 300,000+ physicians to interact for clinical documentation.

Key Benefits of Medical Transcription & Clinical Document management

Extremely easy to use, training takes only about 10 minutes

According to the provisions of the HITECH Act of 2009, organizations that were eligible for the MIPS/APM Incentive Program & could receive incentive payments. Those who failed to achieve that standard may be penalized. To receive the maximum reimbursement, physicians and hospitals must have achieved stage III of MIPS/APM for at least a 90-day period within the 2017 federal fiscal year and for the entire year thereafter.

How can GeeseMed help YOU to achieve this

GeeseMed’s medical transcription services provides tools like ADT interfaces, partial dictation with Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT), CDA documents and HL7 interfaces, etc. These tools allow providers to maintain consistency by continuing to dictate patient notes. These dictated narrative reports can be used to maintain an up-to-date problem list of current and active diagnoses, and active medications and allergy lists as structured data. This is much more efficient compared to the point-and-click boilerplate which unnecessarily consumes valuable time & attention, which can equal lost revenue.

Allow GeeseMed’s dedicated team and state of the art resources do the work for your dictated summaries and seamlessly integrate these notes into your EHR system’s forms, fields, and records.

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