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Managed Billing

Add our transparent revenue cycle management & collections services for a faster, easier & more flexible way to get paid.

Managed medical billing services

GeeseMed EHR Is a leader in the managed billing space, providing affordable, fast, and results-driven medical billing services to a variety of healthcare practices throughout the United States. Our managed billing service lets your practice focus on seeing patients and practicing medicine, instead of administration.

Medical billing is a crucial part of the overall health of your medical practice, and our medical billing software perfectly integrates with other services to address all of your billing requirements. We are here to assist in achieving some of the industry’s lowest denial rates and highest clean claim rates, all while achieving higher payment collection than you were able to see using your previous system.

Fully integrated medical billing

GeeseMed’s fully integrated billing and EHR software improves clean claim rates by reducing the amount of human error involved with billing, while saving you time and valuable resources. Simply enter patient information and pass the data to billing.

Reporting tools that put your practice first

View billing reports as well as a variety of analytics data easily in the integrated dashboard, all without exiting the GeeseMed platform. Our software makes sure your most important data is easily accessible, so you know exactly how your practice is performing with key metrics.

Next generation billing features

GeeseMed incorporates the latest advances to further improve your clean claim rates, reduce human errors, and remove guesswork from your workflow. Automation enables efficiency and helps improve your practice performance. Our features are uniquely tailored to your needs, and help improve your bottom line.

Importantly, GeeseMed is 100% cloud-based. That means we take care of all necessary industry updates, including changes to payer environments, HIPAA compliance rules, RAC audits, and more. GeeseMed empowers you to practice administration and more medicine.

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