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GeeseMed EHR: An easy and unique platform for transforming medical practice

GeeseMed EHR: An easy and unique platform for transforming medical practice

GeeseMed is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that flawlessly transforms yopur medical practice. The compatibility is with all Windows and Mac based computer systems. Other added benefits are that it is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. The five-click data policy enables users to retrieve or enter data within five clicks.

The excessive costs on hardware are eliminated with GeeseMed EHR owing to its cloud-based approach. This equates to no time wasted on set-up, maintenance, security monitoring or data-backup. The dedicated and expert team of Account Managers provides supreme service and get well-acquainted with the workflow of the offices which accelerates the implementation process. GeeseMed representatives are available 24/7 and 365 days on phone, email, IM and SMS supports.

GeeseMed EHR is meaningful use 2015-certified and comes with attractive features of MIPS, ICD-10 and inter-operability with other EHR systems.


Some of the unique feature of GeeseMed EHR

Lab interfacing technology enables to connect with Primary labs, Which allows the spending of orders and receiving results electronically.

Next-generation interoperability and the exchanging of information in various secure methods

Track daily tasks, messages, chart, refill, lab results, alert-N-reminder, referrals, appointments & other high-importance items

  • Provides assistance in context to being PHI and HIPAA compliant
  • A cost-effective feature eliminating the need for outdated fax equipment
  • Secure communication between provider and the staff by using secure message and sharing task.
  • Unnecessary phone calls or unsecures texting is not required

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