The GeeseMed EHR was built from the ground up for scale. It was designed for healthcare practices and facilities just like yours, with the latest cloud-based technology and complete compatibility with both Windows and Mac computers.

Easy to Use EHR

GeeseMed prioritizes ease of use, helping you make the most of your new EHR, and ensuring minimal training for staff to take complete ownership of EHR functions. That’s why we have a unique, “five-click” data policy, which enables users to retrieve or enter any data within 5 clicks, expediting the practice workflow and keeping staff on track. In the event that more extensive training or assistance is needed, our dedicated account managers provide the best service and will acclimate themselves to your organization’s particular workflow needs.

Powerful and Scalable

GeeseMed contains top of the line technology that helps your organization evolve to the next level of efficiency. We have an extensive library of macros as well a knowledgebase template library. We provide real-time access to each patient for medical records, lab results, medication, surgical histories, and more. This empowers the provider to share labs, visit notes, and more. GeeseMed is also Meaningful Use 2015-certified and comes with MIPS, ICD-10 and compatibility with other EHR systems.

Cost Efficient and Flexible

Because GeeseMed is cloud-based, excessive costs on hardware and support staff are eliminated. This lowers setup costs as well as your burden for ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and backup.

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