Patient Engagement – GeeseMed EHR

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Looking for a new EHR system? GeeseMed is a cloud-based EHR that offers the efficiency you need, but with the sort of service and attention to detail you expect.

Our EHR System is designed to facilitate provider and patient communication, on your terms. A recent study by Black Black noted that over 80% of patients polled have higher expectations for providers to utilize technology that benefits the patient experience. On the flip-side, today’s patients have little tolerance for billing errors, and low transparency by providers in terms of their scheduling and results.

The GeeseMed EHR is perfectly suited to satisfy today’s most demanding patients, while giving providers the flexibility to scale their practice, and allow seamless integration between other systems.

The GeeseMed EHR portal further advances patient engagement, which allows patients to become more engaged in their overall health, and consequently, your practice. Indeed, studies have shown that higher outcome rates are a direct result of higher patient engagement. Higher patient engagement also improves treatment plan adherence. A few of the services provided by our patient portal includes access to:

         ◾ Medical records

         ◾ Lab results

         ◾ Family and social history

         ◾ Medication

         ◾ Surgical history

         ◾ Electronic prescriptions

         ◾ Appointment requests

         ◾ And more

On the provider side, your practice is able to securely share lab results, visit notes, etc.

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