Improve administrative processes with industry leading PMS

GeeseMed is provides practice management solutions that increase the success of your practice by allowing increased automation and transparency. GeeseMed PMS integrates easily with a wide variety of systems, including.

practice managemen

Fully integrated EHR

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A modern scheduling service

GeeseMed allows you to manage the schedule of your practice with a Comprehensive, Multiview calendar. Your front desk staff are empowered to schedule across a variety of providers and locations, while also verifying insurance eligibility in advance, and expediting the check-in and check-out process.

Simple to use Mobile and tablet friendly Integrated billing

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Robust RCM

GeeseMed quickly allows you to check the insurance details of a patient, including deductibles, copays, and co-insurance. We can also schedule batch checking. The end result for you and your practice is fewer denials, which allows you to receive faster reimbursement.

The most advanced patient management tools

GeeseMed allows you to review a holistic overview of your patients in one centralized area. You can view account history, review and update

Support both your practice and your employees

GeeseMed is built from the ground up to be robust, but also accessible and easy to understand. Your staff will learn quickly how to make the most out of GeeseMed. This is accomplished through hands-on onboarding and support specialized, who ensure that your practice has all of the tools, training, and skills they need to implement GeeseMed into their workflow seamlessly.

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